Swing Cordelia Help & Support



  • Swing Cordelia is an arcade game.
  • This game is quite difficult to some people and require practice.
  • Play as Cordelia, the sweet dragonfly to avoid the incoming beans, to maneuver the colorful branches and to survive the unforgiving wind.



  • Advanced SWIPE SKILL is required to master this game. Learn to swipe DELICATELY. Forcing your swipe will result in a DISASTER.
  • MAKE SURE to check your FINGER and your PHONE SCREEN to be CLEAN and DRY in order to perform an OPTIMAL SWIPE!



  • Swipe to move Cordelia to the left or right. Swipe delicately, especially when the wind is present (optional: check the wind direction indicator on the top-left screen). You can move against the wind to adjust your position.
  • Double tap to hover. While hovering you cannot advance vertically but you can move horizontally to the left or right. Hover skill will become unavailable after a certain period until you can use it again (check the hover indicator on the top-right screen).
  • Hover skill is designed to help you avoid the incoming beans. For example, you can hover under a branch to create a ‘fake position’ to the bean thrower. This hover strategy might help you to pass the incoming branches.
  • Hover skill is optional. You can play the game without it, if you are the SWIPE MASTER!



If you have any questions, suggestions or requests please contact me:

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