December 2015 Game Making Progress

During the closed beta testing, I have spent quite a lot of time getting the in-app product to work properly in my game. The coding is quite complex (at first), and it took me almost a week to understand everything. To test the code you need to publish your app in alpha or beta stage within google developer console. Every time I finish fixing the code and upload the new version to the google play store server,  it took me several hours to download the new version into my testing device. It is understandable since the server serve millions of apps and it take some time for the server to readily distribute the (testing) app. After four revisions, finally I get the in-app product to work flawlessly. I also have test it my self by (fake) purchasing the ‘remove ads’ in-app product. You will get a notification during this testing stage that your ‘digital purchase’ will not be charged by Google Play Store.

I also have done the required (minimal) promotional assets for the store. These includes making promotional graphic arts, screenshots, writing short and long description, etc. After some light research, I also add a simple privacy policy of my app (which you can view within this website). I am still in the process of making a promotional video for the app. I will upload the video later to my YouTube channel before linking it to my app in Google Developer Console. Before submitting the app to the production stage, I remove the code for declaring the id number of my testing device, tweaks several graphic arts in my game and adding MoPub ads service within the AdMob ‘mediation’ service. Admob is owned by google, but I can embed other ads service to their console easily. I have submit the app to the production stage, and now still waiting for the general release. Right now, my brother manages to download the app, but there are others who are still unable to get their hands on it. If I am sure that everything has gone smoothly, I will make an official release statement in this website.