Swing Cordelia Approved by Apple App Store after 4 Days

After finishing the publishing process on Google Play Store, I started immediately to work on the iOS version of Swing Cordelia. I experimented a bit on the ad placement in the iOS version. In the android version, I ask nicely whether they want to view the interstitial ad or not while in the iOS version the ad will load automatically after certain game session. That’s pretty much the only adjustment I made in the iOS version. Other things such as game difficulty, features, gameplay, leaderboard, etc are pretty much the same with the android version.

The process to bake the iOS version on Xcode is pretty straightforward. My game engine for the moment only support up to Xcode 7.1 (I have installed two Xcode version in my macbook). I also use a code to point the project file on my game engine to Xcode 7.1. My game engine only support windows. Thus in the compiling process, the file need to be sent through network to the mac then Xcode will bake the .ipa file. Eventually I did not use iAds in the iOS version since they did not support Indonesia mobile market. Similar to the android version, I use Admob and mediate Mopub through the Admob network. After I launched my first app, many other advertisement network sent emails to me offering their services, but for now I will use only Admob and Mopub. I might experimented with other ads network in the future.

After testing the app using testflight and sandbox account, finally I got everything working out as it should be. The next step is to fill all of the Apple app requirements in iTunes Connect. These include app description, link of support page, rating, app preview (promotion video), etc. It took quite a while for me in producing the app preview video. Apple use this weird (landscape) resolutions for iPhone 6 and iPad which are 1334 x 750 and 1200 x 900. I need to read many forums in order to produce those two videos with each respected aspect ratio.

I rechecked every iOS app requirements meticulously before submitting the app for review. I thought after clicking the button my work will be finished, but… There are three more questions that I need to answer before finalizing the app submission. They are related to export compliance, advertising identifier (IDFA) and cryptography. Since this is the first time I submitted app to Apple, I was afraid making the wrong answers. It took me a whole day to find a reliable information related to the questions. The official explanations still seems cryptic to me and I rely more on other iOS developer experiences explained in many forums.

Feeling sure about myself, I take a deep breath and submit all the app requirements. I often hear that many apps have been rejected by Apple because of their strict requirements. If I got rejected, then I just have to submitted again. After all, this is a learning process for me as an iOS developer. What do you know, after waiting for 4 days my app is approved! I suppose this is the result of my hard work in preparing the app submission. There you go! Please check and try my arcade game: Swing Cordelia if you own any Apple mobile devices. Thank you!