September 2015 Game Making Progress

This month, I have been working hard to make the art assets of my first mini game. I have completed the animation of the main character and the required background assets. I am still working on the other assets that will be used in the main gameplay. I also have done some ‘rough’ art assets for the opening menu (the title logo and other menu button assets). All of them still need some polishing in order to have a beautiful and clean opening menu. I haven’t done any art assets related to other interfaces such as option window, game end window, quit game window, etc. Although these things is unrelated to the main gameplay, I always put extra effort on it. I love a game that put attention to details and I want my games to be like that too.

During my game making work, YoYo Games, the maker of my game engine had server problem.  When I tried to update the game engine software, it suddenly become unresponsive. I tried to do a clean install twice but the problem still persists. Without the ability to download the required modules, the software is unusable. Later on, I had learned that they had a ‘bottleneck’ in their database server. I had to wait more or less one week until I can get it running again. At first, I want to make a simple prototype gameplay before doing the whole aspect of the game (opening menu, tutorial page, ending window, sound and music, etc). Since I cannot use the game engine for some time, I decide to focus entirely on making the game assets. Other than game making activity, I also still continue doing the book. I am a little bit worry whether I can finish the rough draft before I go back to Indonesia. I just have to continue working on it as much as I can.

I did not do any works related to the main game that I have been working for more than one year. I will try to work more on it in the future. The detail plan of my main game has already finished. I just need to slowly do the steps with constant perseverance. Right now, I want to focus on the mini game and the textbook only.