Second Version of Logo Animation and Loading Screen

Apart from my activity in learning GML (Gamemaker Studio programming language), I decide it to tweak my logo animation by using selected cartoon sounds. I use audacity to cut, merge and prepare my audio files to be synchronized in Adobe Flash Professional CS6. This time, I don’t use Ableton. I collect the cartoon sounds from several sources in the internet. I also change the aspect ratio and resolution of the video to conform to YouTube’s 16:9 display ratio. I dropped the light green background at the end of my animation to experiment. Here are the second version of my logo animation:

I also made a second version of loading screen for my game. I am experimenting with white background and colourful design of the word ‘loading’. Overall, I am a bit more inclined to the second version compare to the first. I feel quite satisfied with it and now will devote my whole time in making the prototype of my first game. Here are the new version of the loading screen: