Opening Menu Design of My First Mini Game

In these last two weeks, I poured my sweats on refining the opening menu of my first mini game. It is almost finished. I only need to add two last pieces: the back button menu for exiting the game and the background music. I always aim to make my opening menu interesting, engaging and colorful. I have done simple animations for the title, start button and copyright font. If you touch/click the copyright font, it will open a window consisting information about my identity as a developer and the address of my personal website. I also have added a nice animation of the main character in the opening menu, with a simple interaction option. If you touch/click the character, it will create a new simple animation. Some of the animations are made using the tools inside the game engine while other more complex ones are made using Adobe Flash Professional. I also have added sound effects for the animation of the main character and the corresponding ‘clickable’ objects (start button, option button, copyright font, etc).

In the option menu, the player can choose to turn on/off the music and/or the sound effect. Creating this kind of options required some focus in writing the code. It might seems simple but it actually does require some mental thought in refining it. For example, to achieve a seamless effect when you choose to turn off the sound effect while it is playing require a ‘trick’. If you code it the wrong way, the sound effect will be off only after it finishes playing. But with the ‘trick’, I can turn off the sound effect instantly while it is playing and back to play immediately if I choose to turn it on again.

Making the exit button option is quite straightforward. In android, you can click the back button to open the window of this option to exit the game. Although the presence of this exit option is actually not that necessary (especially with modern phone that has a manual button to exit an application to the main/home menu), it is a standard option that exist in almost all phone applications. Regarding the background music for the opening menu, I want to create an atmosphere where you can sort of imagine the game play that I will present after you touch/click the start button. I hope the opening menu can lure the player to try the gameplay.