October 2015 Game Making Progress

Nothing much can be said during this month game making progress. I have finalised the opening menu design of the mini game. I am now focusing on the game play design of the game. I tried several input options from swiping, tilting and using in-game-touch controller. I finally come to a decision to use swiping since it is simple and intuitive. I know that  in-game-touch controller wouldn’t be appropriate to achieve the ‘simplicity’ philosophy design of the game, but I just want to see how the game would look like if I use it. I can confirm that it feels horrible, since the controller end up distracting the flow of the game play. I also work on perfecting the swipe sensitivity to a ‘normal’ feel. I don’t want the player to feel the swipe is too fast and sensitive or too slow and unresponsive.

I still haven’t got the ‘OK!’ sense concerning the overall gameplay. I am still in the process of adjusting the difficulty setting and the flow of everything. Not to mention I still need to add the ‘dead’ animation of my character, game over window and so on. I will add the necessary details after I feel confidence with the overall feel of the game play. I really hope to be able to publish the game at the end of this November. let’s work harder!