November 2015 Game Making Progress

Finally, my first mini game is roughly finished!

  • The gameplay design is set with all the balancing and tweaking. The first time I played the prototype it was a very difficult game (almost impossible to beat. LOL). Along the way, I try to reduce the difficulty by changing the parameters in the program and adjusting some features. Actually, it is still a hard game to beat but along the way you will learn and adjust your play style. After several tries, I finally get the hang of it. In order to beat the game, you need to ‘delicately’ master your ‘swipe’ sense of control. Relax your thumbs and you will soar!
  • I have tested the game on several of my friends. Some of them did not find it interesting enough but there is this one girl that keeps playing the game for more than half an hour until I said to her to quit the game. She said that she feel challenged to get a better score. I do not expect anything from this mini game. I just want to release it and see how it goes.
  • I have done all the sound effects, the main character dead animation, game over windows, option buttons to retry or quit the game, option setting to turn on/off sound effects and background music, crushing new bugs, etc.
  • I still need to make a different background music version for the main gameplay event, to add game over music background, to make program code of leaderboard and achievement features for Android and iOS devices, to incorporate interstitial ads into my game and to create an option to remove the ads for each related devices.
  • I plan to use AdMob for android target and iAd for iOS release. I do not have time to research other advertisement providers. For the time being, I just want to get experience of using those two ads providers.

That’s all for this month. Now, I need to get back to Ableton and my mini MIDI keyboard controller to create two fine musical pieces.

P.S: I haven’t touch the textbook draft until now. It is very likely that the book draft will not finish in time by the time I get back to Indonesia. I will re-plan this matter later.