May 2014 Game Making Progress

During may, I am able to finish some neat animations and interesting sound effects in my opening menu to attract people attention. I also have finalized the logo icon of my game for both Android and Apple devices. It just need a very small enhancement, but overall the details have been done thoroughly. I have also been able to wrap up the design of my game prologue story. I still have tons of sprite animations to do and also starting to plan a ‘rough’ short dialogue scripts for my game. No no, it is not going to be a graphic novel type of game. I just want to make some ‘small’ short voice interactions with the player whenever they fail, succeed or in the process to make an action within the game.

When I am about to make the prototype of the game, I stumble into some programming difficulties. Even for a very simple gameplay that I am trying to achieve, it still required a lot of knowledge in GML (GameMaker Language) programming. I decide it to take a step back during this june to learn some advanced GML first while keep working on creating sprites, tiles, sound and music for my game. I actually have also decided to learn Unity engine (especially for its 2D game making capabilities) along with my activity in producing my first game. After reading many many stuff on game programming books and websites, I decide it to learn only javascript and C# now. I have tried taking the C++ route before, but then realized on the amount of work I need to get done to master the language. For an aspiring amateur game developer, I strongly recommend you not to learn  C++ first. I plan to continue and finish my javascript course at Codecademy and get some pdf books to learn C#. I apply the knowledge of these two programming languages in my Unity practice sessions. Learning all these new things gave me some diversified activities to avoid a boring process of making a game.  I also take the lesson process in mastering Unity very slowly.

I almost forget to mention one thing. The world cup is going to start soon. As an avid fans of the beautiful game, I will have less focus on the game production for the next two months and put most of my attention to the event. I also have acquired tickets for five world cup games. Yay! This will become one of my best experiences ever. Tchau!