March 2014 Game Making Progress

During this march, I haven’t made any significant progress. This is due to many activities that happened at Embassy of Indonesia in Brasilia, Brazil. I participate in our food festival, cultural performance events and many other program. I can only work on my game effectively for around two weeks in this month.

Mostly, I still continue making the game assets. I am also now in the process of working on the official tutorials of GameMaker Studio and reading the user manual. I have attempted to build a customized splashscreen and loadingscreen with a rough opening menu screen. I read a lot on how to code properly to adapt my game display resolution and scaling for different devices. I decided to optimize my game assets on mobile phone devices, especially the iPhone and Android smartphones. Later on I might also make the HD version for the large screen resolution tablet of iPad and Android. I manage to build an early prototype of my game splashscreen, loadingscreen and a simple menu screen. I also include a code that will adapt my game display resolution and scaling to multiple mobile devices. I will test it later on different devices that I own.

Since this is the first game that I produced, I began to realize that it will take more time to finish. This is because I mostly learn everything from scratch without any prior experience. Along the way, I believe I can work faster after getting the accumulated knowledge. Let’s work harder!