Making Mini Games

As you already know, recently I make a short announcement that I will be making mini games. Actually, this plan has been in my head for quite some time. The reason is simple, I want to produce ‘light’ casual video games apart from the one I have been working now. I notice that there is a large demand for this kind of game (for example flappy bird). Honestly, I also need the experience in publishing a game. Even though I already pick a small project for my first main game, it turns out it needs a lot of work. Especially for a one-man developer. I intend to produce these mini games with a very short production cycle (2-3 months) with very simple gameplay. I plan to produce most of my mini games by using a one-touch or one-swipe input system. In special cases, I will use at most two touches or swipes to play the game.

Although I have some original gameplay ideas, the mini games could also be an ‘improved clone’ of other games. Actually, flappy bird has inspired the gameplay for my first two mini games. Of course it will not be exactly the same as flappy bird since I will greatly modify the gameplay and ‘tone’ of the game. I choose to do these two mini games first since it is simple to make while I also have to learn how to integrate user scores with Google leaderboards service and to incorporate ads that will not disturb the user experience. I also need to subscribe with the respective ads networks and learn how to integrate them into my mini games. All of my mini games will come with an option to remove the ads. If all goes well and I have gained sufficient knowledge in building and publishing those two mini games, I will start making other mini games with my original ideas.

I intend to try continuously make this mini games every 2-3 months, even if I get my daily job back in the future. I hope the stream of ideas for this mini games will not run dry. I have added a new section called minis on this website. You will find my mini games there, when they become available.