June 2014 Game Making Progress

I can only manage to work on my game in the first week of June. After the world cup has started, my attention is fully drawn to it. I manage to make a code for the music and SFX setting options. Also, I add a code for android devices to exit the game from the main menu using the back button. This code is unnecessary for apple devices since they only have home button. I learn how to use global variables and .ini files in my game. I use it to track the setting choice of music and SFX on-off option in the game. By creating and storing global variables into an .ini file, the setting will be ‘remembered’ by your device. This technique will also be useful for other aspects of the game such as scoring, level clearance state, local highscores, etc. I manage to make a neat pop up window for the music & SFX and exit menu options. Even for this simple settings option menu, it took me quite a while to figure it out and make it right. This knowledge will be useful in the future to make a beautiful setting interface in my game. I have some ideas to add certain animations to the pop up window, but I will leave it for the next game. For this one, I decide it to use a minimal simplistic menu design.

With The Colombian Fans
With The Colombian Fans

I watched two world cup games already. The first one is the match between Colombia and Ivory Coast and the second one is the match between Portugal and Ghana. My wife’s brother has come to Brazil to watch his favorite team, Italy. He has ticket for the match between Italy and Costa Rica. The match was held in Recife. One of my friend also come to stay at my place to watch the world cup games. I went with him to accompany my brother’s wife to Recife. We did not have tickets to watch the Italy vs Costa Rica game, but it was a lot of fun to gather with the fans near the stadium. They have a DJ playing Samba music. At one moment, we dance with the locals and international fans, united in the celebration of the world cup. Although Italy lost, my brother’s wife is very happy to see his heroes playing live in front of him. From Recife, we continue our journey to Rio de Janeiro. In Rio, we manage to go to Pão de Açúcar to watch the beautiful city from high ground. After that, we went to restaurant of Garota de Ipanema, where it is believed to be the place that inspire the song writer, Antonio Carlos Jobim, to write ‘Girls from Ipanema’. During our lunch, we also watch the game between Argentina and Iran. It was quite a difficult game for Lionel Messi and his team where they only manage to win 1-0.

After eating, we walk to Ipanema beach and stay there for a while. Then, we walk again through the edge of the beach to Copacabana beach. It was a perfect day, with warm sun, beautiful women, and people relaxing themselves by playing casual soccer, volleyball and frisbee. Near the sunset, we finally leave from the beach to go to the airport, waiting for our flight back to Brasilia. It was a great holiday.

One of my friends from Indonesia also asked me and my friend to write articles for a soccer tabloid where he works for. He asks us to write several small articles and one large article every weeks. We take the job with great pleasure. I did not do it for the money. I do it for my love of the game. The mobile game production has to wait. Until I know the winner of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The mecca of football…