July 2014 Game Making Progress

This month, I practically doing almost nothing related to my game development. I only manage to tweak one game art to display better on large screen displays. On a phone, the flaw is not that noticeable but on a tablet you can see it very clear. I immediately fix the problem and after testing it on my tablet I am satisfied with the result.

Why is this month’s progress is so slow? As I already explain, I have many activities during the World Cup and also I became a correspondent for a soccer tabloid during the event. Also, After the world cup is over, my friend asked me to expand our writing into a book. I said yes immediately since making a book related to soccer is also one of my dreams. I have many thoughts related to the beautiful game that I want to share. I added many new writings to the book. Since it is a ‘light’ book it does not require a lot of research in finishing it. My goal was to make ten chapters. Each chapter contains 5 to 6 standard pages of Microsoft Word with 1.5 paragraph spacing. My friend will contribute the same amount of writing as me. Later on, he will blend our two writings and add many pictures related to our adventure here in Brazil. I promise him that I will finish at the end of this month, but it turns out I need more time. I hope I can finish all the chapters at the end of the first week in August. Until I submit my share of the book to my friend back in Indonesia, I have to halt the game development process.  Tchau!