January 2016 Game Making Progress

At the start of this year, I manage to publish my first mini game, Swing Cordelia on Google Play Store and then on Apple App Store. I have achieved my goals to learn app publishing process on Android and iOS platform. In this year, I want to publish a mini game every 2-3 months and a mid-to-large-scale game every 6-12 months. I will talk about my first main game later on in another post. I will also make a post-publish report of my first mini game after 6 months of publishing.

Right after Swing Cordelia accepted by Apple App Store, I immediately started working on my second mini game. As of right now, I almost have finished the main menu design. The main character with its animation has roughly finished. I also need to continue working on other asset arts to be used in the main gameplay. I will start building the game following the original game design and make adjustments later if needed.

At the end of this month, I have to go back to Indonesia and start working again in March. I will have to adjust again with my old work ‘rhythm’ after living for almost three years in Brazil. I need to manage the time between my day-to-day job and this game making crafting. In Brazil, I did not make my game like a full-time job since I also need to take care my two kids. Hopefully, I can manage just fine continuing this game making activity along with my old job.