January 2014 Game Making Progress

This time I want to show you my progress on making the splashscreen and loading screen for my game. I made the original file in Adobe Illustrator CS6 in order for me to deploy in different resolutions. After setting a target resolution, I usually export the vector into a photoshop format (.psd) and save it as a PNG file format. In this post, I use 1024×768 pixels resolution for the two images. The first image has a white background and will be placed as a splashscreen. A splashscreen is the first image that appears briefly after you activate a game application. Usually the image shows a logo of a company that made the game. I have modified my logo in this image in order to look great and appealing. The picture will look like this:


After  the splashscreen, a loading image will appear. I want to create an effect by changing the background color to light green with a little gradient and add the word ‘loading’ under the logo. It will feel like I paint the background with different color than white and popping out the word ‘loading’ at the same time. Actually, the loading process happens along with the splashscreen. But since loading time varies and usually happened very fast, I want to set a timer to a (fake) loading screen that appear after the splashscreen in order for people to remember my logo. In this first game, I decide it to use a green background. I can change the tone of the background in the next game to create different expression. Here are the loading screen:


Right now, I am learning to use Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to make a simple animation of the logo above. I will not use the animation in my game since I prefer a simple opening splashscreen and loading screen. I plan to use the animation for my future video promotion on YouTube. The animation will serve as a unique opening logo for every video productions that i will made in the future. It is a simple progress but as I have told you before, I try to optimize every little details of my game. I want to produce a high quality game even though I am a one-man indie game developer. Tchau!