Individual Versus Team Project

Before I begin to lay out the thoughts of this writing, let me congratulate Germany as the new World Cup Champion. They deserve it. They truly are. They manage to become the first European team to win the prestigious cup in the land of South America. Although I am disappointed with the performance of Brazil and Argentina, who I adore very very much, I have to respect Germany for their teamwork and strong mentality.

It is known throughout the world that the football style of European countries are generally different with South American countries. The European emphasised team work and tactics while the South American rely more on individual skills and instincts. Both style have its strengths and weaknesses as it is displayed throughout this World Cup held in Brazil. When Neymar got injured and Messi plays not on his top level, the team performances are heavily affected. This advantage is easily capitalised by Germany. They show a consistent team performance and strong mentality in demolishing the two great South American teams.

The story of this world cup has inspired me to write about the merits and drawbacks of developing a game individually or in a team. The amount of work I need to do in developing a game by myself is quite enormous. I am not complaining but I know that I can release a game faster if I get help from at least one or two people. Actually, I already have two friends that are interested in collaborating with me to make another game apart from the one I work individually. One of them know how to draw, which is a huge advantage for making the game art and the other one interested in making the sound effects of the game. Both of them are amateurs like me but they have passions in learning to develop a game. I also have another friend who interested in localising my games in Portuguese language.

As of right now, none of these collaborations are working out fine. It turns out, there are many problems when you work within a team. Making a sound decision on aspects related to the game is difficult and also the commitment of each team member is different from one another. All of them have primary jobs in Brasilia and often it is very difficult for them to find extra time and to focus into the game development. Although this is a discouraging experience, I do not close the door for possible future collaboration. I even still hope that this collaboration with my friends can still work out in the future. I try to learn from this experience a way to foster a better collaboration in the future. I am open to anybody who has the same passion, vision and commitment to develop a game together with me. Now, I just have to continue my solo career as a one-man indie developer.