History of an Indie Game Developer

Before writing this article, I close my eyes and try to remember my first encounter to video games. Flashbacks start to rush into my head and after searching through internet I found what I’m looking for. It was Western Bar by Casio. I remember I saw a boy at the front of my grandfather’s house playing it. I was sitting next to him and he didn’t mind at all.  He didn’t mind because it was not his — it was a rented handheld. I don’t remember the exact year but I think it was around 1984-1985. I was 6 or 7 years old at that time. I forget the rent price but I remember it was an hourly price and quite cheap. I remember there is this man that has like 6 or 7 handhelds and he go from one neighborhood to another to rent the handhelds. We have to play it there on site with him watching us all. After that encounter, I always use my allowance money whenever I can and when I am out of money I would just hang there watching other players play the game.


Western Bar of Casio (1984)

Later on, I also has an encounter with Atari. A brother in-law of my uncle came one day bringing the console when I was visiting his house. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the game that I’m playing. Finally, when I was 12 years old, I got my first handhelds, Submarine Battle of Casio. I remember that I like to play it so much. When I was in junior high, I take an extracurricular activity in BASIC programming. That is when I first saw one of my friend in the lab playing Double Dragon. I love the game very much. We later use to play in co-op mode. Most of the time we play until we finished the last boss. Even if I play it over and over again it was very fun.


Submarine Battle by Casio (1984)

My first game console was Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember playing Super Mario Bros series and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it. later on we change to Sega Genesis Entertainment System and playing games such as Contra, Golden Axe and Comix Zone. My brothers and I are all gamers and we would play together on it — often until our parents have to stop us. On the PC side, I have played games such as Civilizations, Age of Empire, Warcraft, etc. If I look back, I am more of a console-type-of-gamers compare to PC gamers. Today, I only play Dota 2, LOL or HON in my PC. Most of the time, I play my games on PS3. After the Nintendo and Sega era, came Playstation. I quickly embrace the console, and I have been an avid fan until now (through the ups and downs). One of my brother came to like the XBOX very much. We use to quarrel a lot on achieving the best console status. But in reality we use to exchange our console to play the exclusives game of each consoles. After a long history as a gamer, I came to like RPG very much. I like all kind of RPG, including japanese and western RPG. I have played Fallout, Torment, Morrowind and also Final Fantasy, Suikoden, etc. I am a big big fans of Final Fantasy since my encounter on FF VII. I have tried to finish earlier games of Final Fantasy but still haven’t got the time to finish it all. I especially like Final Fantasy VI story line. It was one of the best Final Fantasy in my opinion.

As a gamer, I always wonder if I can make a game of my own. I have this thought at a very early age and I remember when I try to find out later during junior high I give up easily knowing that it was a complex craft (but now things is different). Life brought you to different path and here I am standing as an Economist, Econometrician, Researcher and Lecturer. I also have another passion beside wanting to make a video game: writing books (novel and textbook). After a series of events in my life and a deep retrospection in many aspects I decide to put a lot of my efforts in achieving these passions of mine. After all, we only live once. Many people would think that I am doing something that is trivial since I already have a stable profession. I am not doing this as a side activities out of hobbies. I want to make high quality games and good books to entertain people all over the world. I might decrease my activity as an economist. That is the price I am willing to pay in order to fulfill my biggest dreams and passions: Making at least one memorable game and one noteworthy book. So here I am: struggling to become a writer and an indie game developer.