February 2016 Game Making Progress

In this February, I keep working on my next mini game. I tried to finish it before I went back to Indonesia but I failed. It turns out there are many things that need to be done or require my attentions before I go back to Indonesia. There are many people asked me to deliver some stuffs to their friends and family in Indonesia. It is a common task for people that have a chance to go back to Indonesia. I used to ask them to deliver some of my things too, and of course I am gladly willing to help them in return. Due to many requests, I have to carry more baggages and manage their packages.

I carry 5 luggages by myself (three pieces of excess baggages) in my journey to Indonesia. Preparing this luggages are quite cumbersome. Thankfully, my wife is an excellent ‘luggage packer’. She has an ability to neatly pack all the stuffs efficiently. She helps me greatly in packing the luggages. Also during this February, there are many events held in the embassy. Since I need to help them, my time for game making activity decreased significantly. The embassy also prepare a ‘farewell party’ for me.

I arrived on 24th of February in Jakarta, Indonesia. For the next two days, I was busy dealing with the administrative issues to get my old job back. Along with that, I also need to settle and prepare my room. I am now living with my brother’s family temporarily. My family still stay in Brazil until the end of July. I plan to find a house for us to live before all of them go back to Jakarta.

Practically, there are no significant progress during this month related to game making due to my relocation process from Brazil to Indonesia. The mini game’s progress is approximately 50 percent to completion. Once everything is settled, I will continue on working the game.