February 2014 Game Making Progress

After countless meditations and contemplation, I came up with two solid game ideas. In the beginning I want to make this game idea, but it turns out it requires some extra effort especially in the programming section. Then, I decided to make the other one with more simple game play and less programming complexity. From what I read, finishing your first game application is very important in order to boost your confidence and to learn from the experience in making it. So, I decide it to start even a smaller game idea (the other game idea is already a small game in scope) for my first release. I do not expect highly for several first releases of my games. The most important thing for me is to learn the art and craft of making video games. My goal is to release these first two games, say in a year. I am hoping the revenue of these two games will yield a decent amount — at least to cover my operating costs. I will continue to release my individual game, at least one game in a year. This is all just a rough target to discipline myself. I might need more time in achieving my targets but I hope it will not far from it.

During this month, I make a lot of game art assets such as main opening menu, sub opening menu (credit, sound and music on off option, leader-board, tutorial, etc), main game rooms, game objects, game sprites and so on. I will continue doing it (it requires a lot!) maybe until the following month. Also, in the next month I will start collecting and managing the sound Fx for the game (I will do the background music later when I have a working alpha). When I feel the resources is quite sufficient, I will arrange everything into a prototype. Most of the time, I use Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Intuos5 Touch in making the game art assets. For sprite, I use Adobe Flash Professional. Later on, I can easily export the sprite sheet from it to be use in Gamemaker: Studio. I have to continue my work now. Tchau!