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Copyright, Original and Pirated Software Issues

In this ‘internet’ age, people throughout the world is far more connected then before. Although this state of ‘interconnections’ has a wide benefit for most people, it also entails a great deal of problem. One of them is the breaching of copyright and a wide pirated software issues. Through internet, it is very easy to get a copy of a pirated software. These things happen in many places on earth, especially in the third world countries. In Indonesia, people sell pirated products freely without any fear of the law. They even can open shops to sell their pirated software.¬†If you think about it more deeply, it is actually related to ethical issues. But since the practice of using pirated software is very widespread, most people ‘close their eyes’ and tend to be ignorant.

You might think with this environment in my country, I would also use pirated software to develop my game. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I want to be an example of an Indonesian indie game developer that abide to the copyright law. I use only original software in making my game. You can see on my apparatus section, I explain the use of original software in the production process of my game and even detailing on how to obtain it in Indonesia or other places for several software. As an individual, I want to respect the effort that people put in making a software and condemn people who use pirated software to generate profit of their own. Especially now I also have experienced the painful process of producing a quality (game) software.

I spend a lot of time in the internet reading copyright law and have learned a great deal of it. For example, I use only open source font and sound effect in my game. I even buy a vector art that I use in a small part of my customized logo. There are many sources of open source fonts with one of my favorite is being maintained by Google. For sound effects, you can use free commercial sounds in Freesound website. Remember to read the copyright file that usually exists along with the downloaded file or explained in the download website page. You need to make sure that we can use the file freely without any restriction whatsoever. Happy game making to you all!