Dhathinka Art is a one-man indie game developer from Indonesia. My name is Dhaniel Ilyas and I am attempting to fulfill my childhood’s dream in making video games. My background is actually in Econometrics and  I even got a degree on it. I am  working as a lecturer and researcher at a university and on some occasions also as a consultant for several local and international institutions.

I decide it to enter the video game industry in late 2013 after doing a lot of researches and preparations. I found that in this era, there are many indie-friendly tools (hardware and software) that can help an amateur like me in making a video game. Luckily, I have enough savings to buy all the equipment that I needed with a large support from my wife.

I am a neophyte in video game production. I do have some background in programming due to my work as an Econometrician but I never had any formal training or experience in sound and music production or digital graphics art. Also, my drawing skill is average. I am willing to learn everything that I need to know in making a video game. We now live with the biggest virtual library in the world: the internet. There are countless tutorials and forums that can help us in learning a skill. I even have self-taught myself HTML and CSS in customizing this website. A blog within this website will record my journey in realizing the dream.  Godspeed.