August 2014 Game Making Progress

Similar to previous month, my productivity in game making is also very low during August. I got sick for almost a week in around mid August and also I haven’t finished my parts for the book I’m currently co-writing it with my friend. It turns out that I need more research for my writing parts (I was wrong in thinking that it will only be a ‘light’ research. I wrote it in this blog post) . When I read again my articles that have been published in a soccer tabloid in Indonesia, I sense that some of the sentences and ideas feel a bit ‘dry’. I made a lot of modifications and I only use about half of what I have written before. I also have added many new chapters with many new ideas. Until now, it hasn’t finished yet. Right now, I don’t want to set any strict deadlines again. I will try to finish my book parts as soon as possible.

What I’ve done related to game making are collecting some resource parts for my mini games and preparing its game design.  I have collected some sound effects (from and inspirational arts (pictures and photos) made by other artists. I made detailed game design sketches related to gameplay, arts, sound and music. Since this is the first time I plan to incorporate ads on my game, I have subscribed to many mobile advertising company such as Mopub, Admob, Adcolony, etc. I also have secured twitter and email address related to the name of my upcoming mini games. Unfortunately, I haven’t done any works in the production of my main game during this month. I hope I can finish my book parts during September so I can fully focus again in developing the games. I will write a blog post if I manage to finish it during September. Thcau!