Monthly Archives: September 2014

Book Progress Update

Not a while ago in early September, my friend send me an email regarding our book draft and the result of his meeting with a book publisher in Indonesia. Although he receive a positive encouragement from the publisher, they demand that we need to double the number of (short) chapters in our book. It means there are a lot more work needs to be done in order to finish the book.

As of today, I am still struggling in finishing the book. I even went to an official friendly futsal match between Brazil and Argentina and Brazil’s football league match between Sao Paulo and Botafogo to add content to my book. Not to mention, there are also many interesting things happened now in Brazil. The first is related to the election process of Brazil’s new president and the second is concerning the economic crises challenge in the last two quarters of their economy.

There are no game making activities throughout the month of September. I need to get all of my book materials done as soon as possible.